Jaime Murray
Jaime Murray “Dexter”, “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”

Nikolai understands the themes of storytelling & the actors part in it like no other. The work allows all the subtleties & complexities in a scene to naturally come through without working for them. The choices he will help you make are authentic & meaningful. This effortless discovery of a scene is both a revelation…and a relief.

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Jaime Murray
Johann Urb “Resident Evil: Retribution”

Nikolai Guzov is a master, of that there is no doubt. In my personal experience, he has exposed me to levels of understanding of the art of acting i didn’t know existed. magic, mystery, subtle energies, the elements and symbolism to name a few, all becoming part of your tool-set… a deep look into the heart of the character, breathing with it, playing with it, exploring it and scratching the surface ever deeper and deeper into the vastly of the endless mystery that is the art of acting… living many colorful lives and creating out of inspiration that arises within you. i must humbly admit that i lack the poetic language to do this modern master justice. i can only say, i am in deep gratitude to have found Nikolai and studied with him. whenever i feel lost or stuck with a character or a script, i know the man to visit who inspires me to create something magical and unique.

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Jaime Murray
Dillon Casey, “Nikita” “The Vow”

When I first came out to L.A. I was so green. Basically, I had an idea of what acting was, and what to expect but everything was very reactive on my part. Then I started working with this coach named Nikolai Guzov. He basically taught me how to act. Not only that, but he taught me how to ground myself, take auditions objectively, handle rejection and, for lack of a better way to say it (or more just because I like the saying), he taught me to get my head out of my ass. This guy is a huge reason for my recent success. Making it in this business extends to a lot more than just having good auditions. You need to know how to keep your head on straight and put things in perspective. It’s a journey and sometimes you need a guide. I was lucky to find one early.

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Jaime Murray
Charlie Hofheimer “Black Hawk Down”, “Mad Men”

“I have been acting professionally on projects of all genres and scales for twenty years.  In that time I have studied with nearly a dozen acting coaches, of various techniques, on both coasts.  Since my first class with Nikolai Guzov five years ago, I have studied with him on a weekly basis because I’ve never stopped growing through our work.

Incredibly knowledgeable about all acting techniques, Nik is not bound in by any one of them.  He understands me, my particular hurdles, and then guides me, through scene study and excersizes, to experiential discoveries, vs. intellectual ones — about the scene AND about myself.  Using mythology, Nik has taught me new ways of understanding the core context of scenes, characters and their choices.  Using imagination based techniques, Nik has introduced me to new, experiential ways of finding characterization.  All the while Nik has been sensitive, and empathetic, direct and honest, funny and insightful, and genuinely passionate about acting.

The proof is in the pudding: in the time since I began studying with Nick my employment has risen exponentially, culminating in what has been my best year yet. “

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Shannon Lucio
Shannon Lucio “The O.C.”

When I came to Nikolai Guzov, I had already been studying with some of the best coaches in town for over four years, and yet I still had no approach that I could confidently apply to my work.  Within one year of studying with Nik, I not only had a simple process that excited me, but I also began booking jobs regularly.  Nikolai is a truly gifted mentor because he doesn’t tell you how to fulfill the character or scene.  He helps illuminate your tools so you can explore these choices yourself.  Using exercises based on Michael Chekov’s technique, Nik awakens your imagination and senses to show you everything you need to be a captivating actor is already within you.  He knows how to build your confidence so you can trust yourself in the audition room or on set.  I’ve found that this self-trust leads to total commitment in the moment and exhilarating, unplanned discoveries.   As I continue my journey through acting and storytelling, I will always look to Nikolai for guidance.

Ali Cobrin
Ali Cobrin “American Reunion”

Nikolai’s passion to teach is unmatchable. He doesn’t address you solely as an actor but as a whole person. His guidance keeps me focused and moving forward in my career and as a person in general.

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Shannon Lucio
Lina Esco “Heroes”, “Cane”

Nikolai Guzov inspires me on a deep DNA level. his wisdom, taste and direction I do not question. I believe he is the best at what he does.

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