“To The Actor” -Michael Chekhov

These are essential techniques for every actor, and Michael Chekhov’s classic work To the Actor explains, clearly and concisely, how to develop them.

The Actor and the Target – Declan Donnellan

Declan Donnellan’s fresh and radical approach to acting takes a scalpel to the heart of actor’s persistent fears from . . . “I don’t know what I’m doing” through “I don’t know who I am” to “I don’t know what I’m playing.”  The Actor and the Target has already been hailed by the press in Russia where it is already published:

The Power of Myth – Joseph Campbell

What the critics say – “Those familiar with the six-part PBS series on Joseph Campbell will especially enjoy this audio production. Moyers follows the same format as the TV series: The journalist plies the tuning fork to the teacher’s mind, and we listen as Campbell waxes rhapsodic on the hero, the nature of myth, storytelling, the goddess, and finally what we understand of eternity.

“The Hero with 10000 faces” – Joseph Campbell

Since its release in 1949, The Hero with a Thousand Faces  has influenced millions of readers by combining the insights of modern psychology with Joseph Campbell’s revolutionary understanding of comparative mythology.