An Intensive: The Principles of Modern Acting Technique.

Based on the work of Michael Chekov and Evgeniy Vakhtangov.

The class is designed to give one a first understanding of the principles of the Technique of Unforced Reaction and how to apply it in the professional environment. It should also provide an easier and shorter way of working upon the part.

Most of the principles of the the system are based on the best of Russian and European acting training – from renowned acting teachers like Michael Chekhov, Evgeniy Vakhtangov, Nikoai Demidov, Jegzi Gratowsky, Anatoly Efros.

Classes will be Held in TORONTO on August 10 & 11 from 12pm – 4pm

Day 1 Aug 10, 12pm-4pm

Introduction to the Technique Of Unforced Reactions

• Exercises that lead to the understanding of application of the Technique

• Introduction of Homework approach that supports the Technique of unforced reaction.

Day 2 Aug 11, 12pm-4pm

Auditioning Technique:

• Students will be divided into two auditioning groups. They will receive sides the day before to present in class the next day on camera.

• Auditions will be viewed and analyzed in a positive environment – see how you are coming across on tape and learn how to improve and rely on yourself.

Class will be run as a real audition. No one will be in the room at a time of the work except Nikolai and the reader.

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