$300/month coaching included.

Full program: (This includes Four 2 hour semi-private technique/scene study classes and 4 auditioning classes.)

Auditioning Class Only:

$60/class or $200 for 4 Classes

Private Coaching:

$80/hour (minimum 1 hour). Holidays and weekends $200/hour (minimum 1 hour).

Policies & Procedures

In the event you are unable to take the class you have signed up for before the course starts, any and all payments that have been made will be put on hold for up to the “next two classes” with valid reasons like etc. auditioning or professional work as an actor.

If you miss the 30 day period any and all payments will be forfeited and you must pay for the courses to be made up. This includes payments in full.

The student agrees to take the full program and we reserve a seat, our understanding is that the student will complete 4 consecutive classes. When entering into our full program your seat will be saved and will not be given away to another student for the next 4 weeks. However, if the actor drops out of the course before 4 consecutive weeks end, the actor will be billed for the remainder of the balance owed of the cost of the class ($300).

All payments being made at the 1st class of the 1st month.